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Allison Langer

Allison Langer is a Miami native. She graduated from the University of Georgia and has an MBA from the University of Miami. Allison travelled the States taking pictures for fun before landing in Telluride where she worked for the brilliant ski photographer TR Youngstrom.  Allison moved back to Miami 17 years ago where she launched her own successful photography business.

Two years ago, Allison was inspired to start a podcast about her Wednesday evening writing class. She and co-producer, Andrea Askowitz, launched Writing Class Radio in October 2015. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, the diverse class of students come together to inspire each other to explore, connect and sometimes heal through the transformative power of storytelling.  Allison believes that writing is a way to reclaim strength when you feel out of control and is an important tool to overcome the fear of not being good enough.  Allison wrote and spoke about the tragedy that hit her life. First with the sudden and tragic loss of her daughter. And then later about a boyfriend who committed suicide.  Allison created something full of hope and inspiration from unimaginable heartbreak.  Her story is one that shows resilience and strength, and that is where possibility is born.

Allison is a single mom to three children, ages 7, 10 and 12. 

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