Computer Story

written by Anonymous

The prison is being attacked by computers. One hundred years ago, when someone talked about a star in the sky, it was a planet or a sun in another galaxy and now it is a satellite. The sat-a-lite in the sky. The prison has smoke clouds all around it, because they are setting the woods on fire. I was told that they set the fires to make the trees grow back correctly. The smoke clouds make strange shapes that planes have to up through to Providence R.I. The sky is gray. The sky here in Miami, FL is very bright, colorful and beautiful. The forest is on fire because we are in hell. 


The birds in the prison are flying strangely. The pigeons look like chickens and they stand around like flamingos. They dig in the garbage like rats. The cats jump on them and eat them. It is terrible to look at them eat the birds.


The dormitories have been condemned. They condemned it because it has to be sanded down and painted. It does not make sense to me because it takes a lot of paint to fix a condemned dormitory. 


I have seen a person in here named Mr. Person and that is not possible to me. 


The people in the prison have psychic powers. It is an alien spaceship computer attacking us. I have not ever experienced anything like this before this strange place.