The Dreamer

written by Michael Painter 

I awoke last night, or so it did seem.

From something so strong, I thought it was a dream

My arms they did hold you, with such tender grace.

Then one of my tears fell on your face


You stirred, then you said – with a sleepy smile,

“Love me my baby, just for a while.”

I held you so close, and all through the night,

We made passionate love, as our souls, they took flight


We soared through the air, on the winds of God’s love.

This moment we shared, was a gift from above. 

But I never understood why that single tear fell

Until I awoke, all alone in my cell. 


No! I thought, this simply can’t be. 

I hoped with all hope, that I’d been set free.

I clinched my pillow, this story is true.

And wept oh so softly, because I miss you. 


Avinu Malkenu, I know that you’re there. 

I know that you hear me, I know that you care. 

I’m down on my knees, lord, filled with despair.

Please give me back my sweet Becki Bear.