Writers' Work


The Dreamer

written by Michael Painter

I awoke last night, or so it did seem.

From something so strong, I thought it was a dream

My arms they did hold you, with such tender grace.

Then one of my tears fell on your face

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Silent night

written by E. Martinez

How do you invite your 25 year old daughter to your funeral? 

“Hey baby girl, come see Daddy die.” 

She knows. They all know. It’s no surprise to anyone that I’ll be dying tonight. Wait. Murdered. 

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Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.46.40 AM.png


Written by Allington "Dante" Dottin

This Poem-is revision [1]

[1] This is a one line poem. This is a one line poem. This Poem was conceived by a thought impregnated by Sha’condria...This Poem demanded itself into being...existed, and then...

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Computer Story

Written by Anonymous

The prison is being attacked by computers. One hundred years ago, when someone talked about a star in the sky, it was a planet or a sun in another galaxy and now it is a satellite. The sat-a-lite in the sky. 

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The Traveler

Written By Lesmes Caseres

A traveler forgotten

Unwelcomed and unexpected

Whether worn or untrodden

All roads end connected

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