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Fall Graduation Showcase

Save the date for our Fall Graduation Showcases, which will be held on the morning of Friday, Dec. 14 at Dade Correctional Institution and on the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 19 at Everglades CI. All students who have successfully completed one of our courses will receive certificates, and many will perform their best work from the semester. If you’ve never attended before, you’ll be amazed by the talent enrolled in our programs. Come to see and hear the work your investments make possible. Click here to RSVP now!

Note: Seating is limited.

Give Miami Day

Because of you, on Thursday, November 15, 2018, Exchange for Change was able to generate almost $27,000. This is the amount you donated without including the partial match provided by the Miami Foundation. One hundred percent of your generosity will go towards programming, allowing us to fund a full semester’s worth of courses at all of the institutions where we teach. We literally could not do this without you. From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of our students, thank you.

Miami Book Fair

Thank you for helping to make Exchange for Change’s November 17 event at The Porch a complete success! Works in Spanish and English by our currently incarcerated students were performed by our guest speakers, and for the first time, we offered live readings from our literary magazine, Don’t Shake the Spoon. Audience feedback written in response to the performances has been delivered to our very grateful E4C writers, creating the exchange of words we value so deeply. We hope to return to the Miami Book Fair again next year, but in the meantime, thank you for your support, and if you missed it (or if you attended and can’t wait to hear more) please consider attending one of our graduations.


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Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and make our first annual fundraiser at The Betsy such a huge success.

  Director Kathie Klarreich with interns Vanessa Eng and Calvin Chappell at The Betsy. See you there next year!

Director Kathie Klarreich with interns Vanessa Eng and Calvin Chappell at The Betsy. See you there next year!

The Power of Words


Exchange for Change believes in the power of written partnerships to promote dialogue and impact social change. We facilitate anonymous writing exchanges between classrooms in correctional and court-mandated facilities as well as classrooms in high schools and universities. 




In a Florida prison, a poet grapples with power and oppression

In Martinez’s work, power is a trap; being ruled by it is a trap, and wielding it is, too, a dynamic that he said he confronts every day in prison. “Black and Latino correctional officers are oppressing their own people. They’re trapping each other,” he wrote in a letter to the NewsHour. “You got brothers and sisters struggling between remaining human and becoming a beast. It’s a moral balance daily.”

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"The Crying, the Laughing, The Hurt," A talent showcase inside prison walls

Outside of his dreams, Juan Esquival hadn’t held his children since 1999. “Freedom,” said Elliot Ross, doing time for a string of robberies before his 22nd birthday, “is for my kids not to make the same mistake I did in life.” After 18 years in prisons across Florida, as he tuned up, guitarist Ronald “Bam” Threet said he knew exactly how much time he had left on the inside: eight months, four hours and 35 minutes. 

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Writers' Work

Interested in reading some of our talented students' work? Here's a collection that showcases dreams, thoughts, & creativity.

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